Beyond PLC control 3in1 beer filling machine with CE certificate

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Beyond Beer bottling machine


Are you looking for a good solution for beer filling line?   here is the better choice for you.


DCGF series 3-in-1 filling mono-block is sepical designed for you! it composed of rinser, filler and capper, which adopts and absorbs advanced technology and is manufactured according to beer production technical requirement. It uses balance pressure filling method with vacuum process and CIP cleaning function.


Advantage we provide for you:


1) Long life span:

The convey chain used stainless steel 304 material for long time use.


2) Saving your cost:

Bottle break rate: Max. 0.01% (1: 10, 000)

Simple and easy operation makes your work running machine more faster


3) Make the machine more precise:

The capper is equipped with inlet bottle detection switch.

Filling level tolerances: ± 2.0 mm


4) Provide high technology for you:

A cap inspecting system is applied to control on-off of cap elevator.

Clamp heads use special design clamp head for the glass bottle  High pressure foam stimulator is equipped to minimize air remaining at the neck


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